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Steeped in vintage sensibilities and powerful emotion, paired with her dreamy, delicate vocals, Avery Dakin fuses old and new in her sultry, sun-kissed Pop/R&B music.

Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada, Avery's soft-hearted, soulful accounts of life’s most intimate moments are both youthfully charming and reflective of an old, contemplative soul. Cushioned within lush harmonies, bathing in soft sweetness, Avery’s music implores you to sway along to the earnest sounds of a woman in bloom.

A single review in UK publication Click Roll Boom calls Avery’s vocals “enchanting with an intoxicating purity and innocence”.

In 2023, Avery released her debut album "Bloom", an exploration of growth and coming-of-age; a cover of the iconic Aretha Franklin's "Day Dreaming" recorded live to tape; and her highly anticipated 20 minute visual album, telling the story of "Bloom"  through a journey to self-actualization on New Year's Eve. On East Coast Music Hour, CBC's Bill Roach called the Bloom Visual Album "lovely; very neat, very inventive".

This creativity and care has earned Avery nominations for "Best R&B Artist" and "Best Songwriter" in The Coast's 2023 Best Of Halifax Awards, features in international publications praising Bloom, and the opening slot for Caribou Run at the Lighthouse Arts Centre for Halifax Jazz Fest 2021.

Between performing solo and with her band, Avery works as a music teacher, composer, and arranger in Halifax, Nova Scotia.



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Bloom Music Video

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"Bloom" album artwork, released July 2023

'Bloom' is a stunning love letter to the warmer days featuring beautiful dreamy, ethereal tones that share tenderness and warmth. It's like a re-emergence after the long cold winter days with a renewed energy and passion for life. Exquisitely presented, 'Bloom' has a wonderful swing vibe with elements of R'n'B and sections that could be likened to acidity of trip-hop. It's an understated sound that is complex in its delivery, merging different genres to create something that is relaxing and uplifting but also dynamic and creative. Avery's vocals are enchanting with an intoxicating purity and innocence.” - Amy, Click Roll Boom contributor

Click Roll Boom, UK




Avery Dakin live from the Bloom Release Show at The Seahorse Tavern, Halifax (photo by CJ Jackson)